Civic Action Opportunities

Check here and our Bulletin Board for upcoming events in 2024.

  • Write Postcards
  • Canvassing
  • Voter Registration
  • Phone Banking
  • Texting
  • Ballot Curing

Postcard Writing

We are starting our civic action with postcards. Our postcard choice is Postcards to Swing States which we have used for the last several cycles. There are postcards currently available for the following states;

  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Arizona
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Florida

This is a bipartisan, GOTV campaign with tested messaging. You chose from 3 messages to write.

  • Postcards are in batches of 100 with instructions and addresses
  • Mail dates vary by state. All dates are in October.
  • Instructions & addresses are included.

Pickup locations:

Email to have postcard packet left on front porch for pick up.

  • Cindy Broten, Lake Bluff
  • Carol Dawley, Glencoe
  • Abbie Fasnacht, Chicago
  • Ronna Stamm, Evanston after June 10
  • Lauren Rosenthal, Chicago

Suggestions for maximizing postcard writing:

  • Encourage your network of like-minded friends & family to write
  • Host postcard parties throughout the summer. This is a fun way to write and encourage others to do the same.
  • Get your kids involved – have them invite friends over a postcard writing afternoon. As we know, this election will determine the direction of our country for generations to come…it’s AUTOCRACY OR DEMOCRACY!


TEXT WITH INDIVISIBLE CHICAGO ALLIANCE: Laura Trainer, an ITE member and texter extraordinaire has started her text teams with Indivisible Chicago. They start with training and then guide you through each session via Zoom. Current Focus: Helping voters Vote by Mail/Absentee Ballots. Currently texting into Michigan, a key swing state

TEXT WITH FIELD TEAM 6: Current Focus: Voter registration in swing states. Training provided on-line. Texting occurs every Saturday at 1pm CT


Phone Banking

PHONE BANK FOR ITE CANDIDATE US SENATOR SHERROD BROWN (OH). While the Senator has been elected twice, this will be an even-tougher race this year. Rated a tossup and every vote will count. Current focus: Helping likely democratic/independent voters vote by mail and by absentee ballot. Phone banking sessions are scheduled on Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7 pm CT with training and support provided online. These should be easier calls as recipients are grateful for the info. Click HERE, then click on phone banking, scroll to Sherrod Brown and register to participate.


Wisconsin Efforts

RECRUIT POLL WORKERS IN WISCONSIN FOR THE AUGUST PRIMARY: Phone bank with WisDems on Monday or Thursdays to protect the August 13th primary. Click HERE

REGISTER VOTERS AT MILWAUKEE DMVS: Get trained on zoom and carpool to Milwaukee. Contact Laura Kushner at

CANVASSING: More to come in Wisconsin and Michigan. Would you let us know if you are willing to canvass in Wisconsin and/or Michigan so we can tailor our communications. Please contact Cindy at or Cathleen at


Operation Swing State - New Trier Dems

The New Trier Dems are launching a new program aimed at mobilizing Chicago area volunteers to volunteer in tight races in Michigan and Wisconsin. Join Operation Swing State on June 25th at the Sketchbook Taproom in Skokie to learn more about ways to get involved with the project. Links to sign up to volunteer are down below. If you sign up for any volunteer opportunities, please email so we are able to keep track of civic engagement!