Defense Against Project 2025

What is Project 2025? – Find the Biden Administration’s summary of the 920-page plan for an authoritarian overhaul of our government at the link HERE

How do we get the word out?
Luckily, the women of ITE have been hard at work compiling resources such as infographics, webinars, and presentations that warn against the dangers of Project 2025 and the realities of a second Trump Presidency. Share these resources with your friends, family, and anyone else who will listen to help defend democracy!


Please send any recommendations on resources or news that you think we should be sharing related to Project 2025 to


Kamala Harris for President 2024

A vote for Kamala Harris is a vote against Project 2025 — Donate HERE!

  • Kamala Harris’ Opening Argument – Business Insider recaps the first 24 hours of Harris’ campaign where she pledges to “decimate” Project 2025 
  • EMILYs List Memo – EMILYs List and Women Vote are throwing their full support behind VP Harris as she is a champion of advocating for reproductive rights and women’s issues
  • Women for Kamala Harris 2024 – An all-volunteer organization dedicated to electing Kamala Harris as the first female President of the United States. Find relevant trainings and resources on their site
  • Potential VP Candidates – Read CNN’s shortlist of possible VP’s, their qualifications, and what they would bring to the campaign and administration

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“Never to be Forgotten: A Young Girl’s Holocaust Memoir” Written by new ITE member Trixie Muchman who is a Holocaust survivor