2022 Member Registration

Welcome to Invest to Elect 2022 Membership and thank you for making an important commitment to Save Democracy!

Membership Information

  • Each calendar year, Invest to Elect hosts 6-10 fundraising events, either in person or virtually, for Democratic candidates and voter engagement organizations. ITE Members meet their $3,000 annual commitment through direct donations to these hosted events. . None of these donations flow through Invest to Elect.
  • Invest to Elect is a 501(c)(4) organization. Each member supports our operations through annual member dues of $150. (These fees are not tax deductible). We accept dues through our bank account to pay for expenses like key portal subscriptions, the Cook Political Report, insurance, professional fees and other associated costs to run Invest to Elect.

  • Donate a minimum of $3,000 per calendar year to candidates and organizations hosted at Invest to Elect (ITE) events during the 2022 calendar year.
  • Use the invitation event on-line payment link or check writing instructions to make donations directly to candidates or organizations.
  • RSVP to each ITE event invitation, including regrets.
  • Invest the required minimum for each ITE event attended. Attendance minimums may change for certain events but are usually $1,000. (Members who cannot attend may donate any amount throughout the calendar year using ITE payment links.
  • Pay annual member dues of $150.
  • Invitations to all ITE fundraising events
  • Invitations to free educational and social events
  • Camaraderie and collaboration with a growing network of engaged women
  • Periodic statements showing member annual commitment status
  • Access to the ITE Newsletter, emails and other communications
  • Monthly national Electing Women Alliance (EWA) Zoom meetings. These meetings Zooms generally feature women candidates or knowledgeable political consultants/operatives
  • Donate beyond the $3,000 annual commitment for ITE hosted candidates and organizations throughout the calendar year. These donations will count towards the ITE Annual Member Commitment
  • Attend periodic member meetings
  • Identify and assist with new member recruitment
  • Volunteer with ITE and participate in other forms of ITE organized civic action to help our candidates win
  • Join one of our committees (Membership, Research, Events, Education & Social, Civic Action)

Investment Strategy

Our research team identifies and vets candidates and reports their findings to the entire membership. Each ITE member decides in which of those candidates or voter engagement groups she wants to invest. Our four-pronged investment strategy for the 2022 election cycle is:

Invest in selected

incumbent Senators

Invest in selected

Senate challengers running for open or vulnerable GOP seats

Invest in selected

U.S. House races, to be determined after redistricting is finalized

Invest in organizations

that drive voter turnout to help our candidates win

Winner of the 2020 Illinois Democratic County Chairs' Association Party Builder Award